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World History in General Culture

Societies transfer their memories to their next generations by accumulating them throughout their thousands of years of history. Since the world exists, humanity is in science, industry, technology and so on. They have created “World History” by putting on all these issues learned in all fields and transferring them to each other. The concept of culture was created by transferring this way. The concept that we call General Culture, on the other hand, is a term that contains information in every subject that comes to our mind from history, art, literature and politics.

History and General Culture Relationship

The concept that we call knowledge has developed with new discoveries to date, since the world exists for both individuals and societies and humanity, and has formed the common memory of humanity. The concept of general culture is equivalent to the concept of knowledge in this sense. Because of the knowledge, since the history of general culture is equivalent to the history of humanity, the existence of the concept of general culture is also equivalent to history, that is, to the history of humanity. The concept of general culture is akin to history. At the same time, this relationship is not only close to the past of these concepts, but also to the content of each other. In world history, societies look to the future in the light of their historical memories and feed on their past.

Friendship and hostility of thousands of years of states and societies are nourished from this historical memory and they move towards the future by transferring new information to this memory at any moment. We see this deep relationship and knowledge not only in politics or politics, but in every field. For example, an architectural trend that has marked the centuries can emerge from this accumulation and interaction. The culture and art transformation of Europe, which we call Renaissance, came about by transferring ancient Greek and Hellenic culture to the west and marked the history of Europe. The 16th century, when the Ottoman civilization lived its golden age in every sense. is a Turkish-Islamic synthesis. The social tradition of the Turks for thousands of years and the transfer of the state system to this age through Seljuk and Islamic civilization made the Ottomans a golden age in every sense in the 16th century.

Next Millennium

Mutual nutrition between this history and the concept of general culture will continue to increase in the next millennium. These rapid advances in technology and science will accelerate this process even more. The convenience and developments in storing and transferring information will further improve the general culture and history will be written better.


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