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Idolizing of Animals in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has become one of the most curious civilizations in the world for years. Almost every subject related to civilization is curious. When their beliefs are examined, unusualness emerges. Egyptians who adopt multi-religiousness; Apart from the god of land, the god of water, they also adopted the gods who had a head of an animal. The animals deified during the Egyptians that characterize their gods with animal heads, and the meanings attributed to them, draw attention. The first period of humans was afraid that they were frightening and powerful from animals, but later this turned into admiration and eventually took the form of worshiping animals. He honored and worshiped animals, like the earliest humans in ancient Egyptians. Animals are referred to as sacred animals in the Egyptians civilization.

Mythology- religion

Ancient Egyptian legends arose without religion. The concept of mythology and religion has different meanings. When mythologies are analyzed, they chose gods and heroes based on them. In most mythology, the subject is natural events. It includes the concepts of how something is created and how it occurs. Compared with religion, mysticism feelings come to the fore in the concept of religion. Mythology contains concrete.

Sacred Animals of Egypt

His holy adjective expresses closeness to God. Especially in ancient Egypt, the cat is called a very sacred animal. There is a cat goddess and her temple is located in a cemetery. On the other hand, there is a cat-headed goddess called Bastet, and symbols of fertility are also known as the goddess of happiness. The ancient Egyptians mourned for the cats when the cats they replaced the goddesses died. The lion, which is considered the strongest in most mythology, has gained a goddess feature with this feature. In mythology, the goddess is a lion head and is known as the goddess of humidity, humidity.

Egyptians, who decorated their doors with lion motifs, benefited from the lion’s protective feature. Another animal deified in ancient Egypt was the dog. Anubis, the god of the cemetery of the dead, is believed to have a dog head and a human body, and was also the founder of the mummification technique. On the other hand, the god who dressed as monkey in Egypt; It is known that it is described as ‘Thot’, which creates everything but also finds the text. These animals have been worshiped for centuries in Egypt for centuries. In Egyptian mythology, the sanctification of animals has a characteristic feature.


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