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How was Women’s Fashion in Ancient Cities

All information about ancient cities begins with the discovery of the article. For this reason, the information to be conveyed here will be limited to the first article found by the Sumerians and what Egypt received from the Sumerians and transferred them to the present day with hieroglyphs. With the discovery of Göbeklitepe today, many information in history books has changed, and this information may change with new archaeological discoveries that may occur in the coming days.

The main factor affecting fashion in these periods is the climate. Simple and generally one-piece clothes were preferred according to the climatic conditions of the city or area. Another concept that manages fashion in ancient times is its use as a class indicator. While the people were wearing simple fabrics and one-piece clothing, noble women paid attention to creating fashion according to their clothing and period.

Women’s Fashion in Egypt

First of all, it should be noted that; The class that will be mentioned here in the use of fashion is a completely noble class. It can also be considered the first place where the emphasis on fashion and clothing, which uses the text extensively with hieroglyphs, has started actively. In Egypt, clothes that could be considered narrow (in other words, showing the entire body lines) were preferred as an indicator of wealth or nobility for women.

Other important items, accessories, are the most prominent today’s wig sizes, but head accessories decorated with stones and shiny metals such as hair accessories. At the same time, necklaces embellished with bright and painted stones in sizes similar to today’s collars are also prominent and rich accessories.

Women’s Fashion in Greek and Roman Antiquity

The society that needs to be talked about for fashion in ancient times after Egypt is Greek society. The main difference between women’s fashion in the Greek Antiquity and women’s fashion in the Egyptian Antiquity is that the Greek society wears downward, widening dresses like bells. In addition, in Egypt, while hanging on both shoulders, Greek society used single-hanger clothes.

Linen-like fabrics, which are frequently used everywhere in the Mediterranean climate, were used today and there were no big differences between women’s and men’s clothing. Women’s fashion in Roman Antiquity also has general similarities with Greek fashion. Only in Roman Antiquity, as in Egypt, head accessories were used as a sign of nobility and wealth. The head accessories were made of precious metals and were more reminiscent of crown.


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How was Women’s Fashion in Ancient Cities

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