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General Culture is Different in Each Country

The values ​​that each country has and the inheritance it takes over may differ from each other, at this point, cultural differences of countries emerge.

Differences Between Cultural Structures of Countries

Cultural structure shapes societies and affects individuals, and these differences cause differences in values ​​between countries. Since the information, values, approaches, belief systems, thoughts, and intellectual structures of each country differ from each other, their sum is different because they have different cultural structures.

In fact, the lands owned by the countries and the climate conditions felt on these lands are effective in the difference of the cultural structure. Because the facts that cannot be held in the formation of the cultural structure; Like the accumulation of knowledge, belief systems, value judgments that have been passed on for generations, the piece of land on which countries live can play a role in the formation of certain value judgments. At this point, the richness of the cultural structure in the world enables us to come across in various ways. Many phenomena are encountered as factors in countries’ having different cultures.

Facts Revealing Difference, Elements

When we evaluate the cultural facts in general, it causes us to see cultural differences that are not similar to the number of countries mentioned above and the number of countries in the world. The fact that these cultural differences provide great depth is a fact that should never be ignored. Cultural differences emerge as wealth, and this richness can also lead to a very good sharing and interaction between countries.

When we look at the basic factors that make up the culture of the countries, the factors that are effective are the following. Factors such as language, religion, education level, their place in history, their roles in history, economic factors, management styles throughout the history and today, legal and legal regulations, geographical locations, climate and characteristics of the land in question provide an idea about the cultural infrastructure of a country. And these factors, above all, have a great influence on the culture of the country.

Sometimes different cultural structures between these countries, as a result of economic exchanges in the global world, emerge as an integrating factor and complement deficiencies. This can be considered as one of the remarkable big effects of cultural phenomenon.


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