Do you need to review your health to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger? With the use of anabolic steroids, your muscles swell, but the side effects are obvious. Read and review once before use.

We need to talk: Is it your swelling muscles or your health?
I worked with a private sports instructor for about a year and a half. My goal was to achieve the physical fit I dreamed of. To grow a little, to have distinct abdominal muscles, those famous six-packs, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I can say that I have built my motivation on these three goals. I trained regularly three times a week. I have applied many different exercise models from TRX to CrossFit, from resistance exercises to bodybuilding. I also had a nutrition program that I had never missed out on and I was connected to as a lover. Even though I couldn’t go as fast as I expected, I had good results at first. I haven’t used protein powder, or any other supplement I don’t know about. I wanted to get organic and natural muscle growth. I tried to stay away from all kinds of substances that I know could accelerate this process. Until we saw my friends who had traveled more than I did at the same time. I did not use any supplements other than protein powder, but they were result oriented. Vitamins, hormone pills and needles … Ingredients, without questioning the effects of all kinds of muscle-enhancing substances used. Not even an anabolic steroid!

Steroids who have completed the career of professional athletes are now in gyms!
In the Tour de France race, which I watched enthusiastically during my childhood, the steroid remained in my mind as the ‘medicine’ that caused the disqualification of the athletes. I never forget the 2006 race. Three days after the race, the high-dose testosterone hormone found in the urine of former sportsman Floyd Landis, the winner of that year, aroused suspicion. As a result of medical research, the cause of excess testosterone was determined to be anabolic steroid. Landis’s victory was short. As a result of the steroid use that casts a shadow on his success, he ended his career. Imagine that even steroids that have hampered the career of even professional athletes have now landed in gyms. Like the daily vitamins of people involved in bodybuilding.

So do we know exactly what steroids are? Some kind of vitamin or a dangerous addictive substance?
Let’s make it clear. Anabolic steroid is certainly not a vitamin that accelerates muscle formation, it is a synthetic drug produced to mimic the effect of testosterone hormone. Although the medical world has been conflicting about the effects of steroids in the past years, there is a point that experts agree on: the long-term side effects of steroids.

What are the side effects of anabolic steroids?
“It is necessary to let people use steroids for 20 years to evaluate clearly all the side effects and evaluate the results as such. This is neither medicine nor our ethical values. Therefore, it is important to analyze objective data and make objective evaluations,” says Harvard Medical School. Professor of Psychiatry, Harrison Pope.

Tistis shrinkage
He says it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It also confirms that the most feared side effect of anabolic steroids among us men is hypogonadism. “As a result of artificial testosterone taken externally with the use of steroids, the brain gives the testicles a signal that they do not produce natural testosterone. When the use of steroids is discontinued, the testicles have already become lazy about producing testosterone. “

Lawrence J. Santora, a well-known cardiologist at the Orange County Heart Institute, says anabolic steroids cause arteriosclerosis at a young age. Although one of his patients, Danny McDermott, now works as a financial advisor, he took part in international bodybuilding competitions in his youth. At age 29, he stops using steroids. When he’s 36, he has his first heart attack. Not surprisingly, stiffness due to steroid use. In addition to McDermott, J. Santora, who closely examined his patients who had used steroids in the past, says that almost all of them have a heart condition. Not to mention the side effects to the kidney, liver, prostate and psychology!

The more you see yourself in the mirror, the more you want. The eye of a world star dazzles from its own light; your growing muscles are probably blinding your consciousness. “I use it, nothing happens!” Do not call. Side effects are obvious. Is it your swelling muscles or your health? The decision is yours.



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