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Jordan’s brutal assessment of Theresa May’s Brexit shambles has led to calls HE should be in the top job!

Neil Warnock has named the perfect man to come in and solve Britain’s political crisis – Simon Jordan.
Jordan, the former Crystal Palace chairman, slammed the state of UK politics LIVE on the day we were supposed to leave the European Union.

The Brexit deal will be voted on for the third time today – the same day Britain was meant to leave the EU March 29 was supposed to be Britain’s ‘Independence Day’, but instead MPs will vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal for the third time.
“Brexit is not an issue, it’s the inability of the politicians we’ve currently got to be able to deliver,” Jordan told.
“We lack leaders!

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“David Cameron should be put in stocks and have rotten tomatoes thrown at him, because he’s left us in a difficult situation.
“Theresa May has stepped into a poisoned chalice, she’s a bit like the David Moyes of Manchester United – she’s not a great leader but she’s a very good politician.

Theresa May: The David Moyes of politicians “Now, what we have are dissenting politicians who don’t have the substance to make the decisions they’re put in place to deliver.
“There’s nothing wrong with Brexit, it’s the inability to deliver through weak, lily-livered, limp-wristed politicians who have got a set of balls now because they haven’t got direct leadership controlling them.

“The problem we’ve got are ineffective politicians and there are not enough leaders.
“In America you’ve got a leader who can’t politic, in this country we’ve got a politician who can’t lead!”

“We lack leaders.”
“Theresa May is the Moyes of politics.”
“90% of politicians in Britain don’t have the substance to make the decision that they are put in place to deliver.”
Whether you voted Leave or Remain, you have to watch @SJOpinion10 on Brexit! 👀

May’s Brexit deal has so far been rejected twice, but she promised to stand down as PM should it be voted through.
And Warnock, after listening to Jordan’s rant, believes the former Palace owner should be installed in the top job when May leaves her post!
“I listened to Simon Jordan this morning,” said Warnock in his press conference.
“Wow! I wish he was Prime Minister!

Warnock has previously expressed his support for Brexit, saying a clean exit from the EU will be best for Britain ‘in every aspect’ “I think Simon Jordan talks so much sense regarding the political issue, and I could listen to him all day.
“He would sort it out.”
Warnock has previously called on May to deliver on the referendum result and secure Britain a clean exit from the EU.
Speaking earlier this year, Warnock said: “I don’t know why politicians don’t do what the country wants, if I’m honest.
“They had a referendum and now we see different politicians and everyone else trying to put their foot in it … Why did we have a referendum in the first bloody place?
“I can’t wait to get out of it, if I’m honest. I think we’ll be far better out of the bloody thing. In every aspect. Football-wise as well, absolutely.
“To hell with the rest of the world.”