Modern movies are full of attractive heroes who are incredibly charismatic. Many of them continue to impress women every time they appear on the TV! But more often than not, their image on the big screen has very little to do with the actual personalities of these actors.

1. The American actor with Hawaiian origin, Jason Momoa, is often seen in movies as a man with a scary look and a stern face.

But in real life, he is completely opposite of what he appears to be on-screen!

2. Jamie Dornan is one of the very few people who doesn’t use social media and tries to hide his private life from other people.

3. Tom Hardy looks like the guy who is always on the edge, constantly in danger and in trouble.

4. Jude Law continues to impress women every time he appears on the movie screen, any tv-series, or theater show.

5. We are used to seeing James Franco on-screen but he has a lot of other talents that he doesn’t talk a lot about. For example, James writes essays and articles for different magazines, and he is seriously into music

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