What is the formula for living longer?
Do you want to live longer? Then we explain what you have to do.

Of course we guess you want to live longer. But do you do anything for this? That’s exactly what we want to focus on. According to the American Medical Association, people who want to live longer should pay attention to some steps and try to get their life back in order. Here are some of those steps that we explain for you.

According to the American Medical Association’s study of nearly 130,000 people for eight years, cardio people are at the top of the longest chance of survival. The statistics between cardio and non-cardio users are surprising. People who are over 70 years of cardio have a 30 percent higher survival rate than people who do not. Regular cardio is good for metabolism as well as vigorous and strong. So start cardio training as soon as possible.

Maybe this may sound like something you’ve always known. However, we are trying to go into more detail. If you ask what we need to do to be healthier, most people will probably have a regular diet. Nutrition, which is the most important point of life, appears almost as a precursor to the direction of our lives. According to researches, those who have obesity problems die earlier. It will be the most important step that you take for years to come as you will regulate your life by eating less and frequently.

How often do you sleep a day? If you don’t have a sleep pattern, be prepared for bad days. According to research, a healthy individual should take approximately 7 hours of sleep each day. If you have a busy work schedule or sleep problems until late, the best thing to recommend is meditation. Regular meditation will not only solve your sleep problem, but will also enable you to live a healthier life.



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