Some girls want princess parties, or maybe unicorns. Not this girl, she wanted a nun party. This was the only theme she wanted for her birthday party, and she got it.


Lucia Brown is three years old, and she shocked her mom when she told her what she wanted to do for her themed birthday party. She wanted to highlight the 2018 horror movie, The Nun.

She asked to watch the flick after seeing a glimpse of it at her grandma’s house. “[Lucia’s grandmother and her father] told her it wasn’t a cartoon, but she insisted,” Laura said.

After that, she broke the news to her mom and told her what she wanted. “I kept asking her for months, and the answer was always the same: ‘The Nun. The Nun. The Nun.’ I told her, ‘No way, you are going to choose Rapunzel.’

The pale-faced, demonic force from the movie was played by Bonnie Aarons, in the film set in the ’80s. Eventually, Lucia was granted her wish.

Photos from her party show Lucia dressed as Valak, the human spirit of the movie that torments ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Her face was painted with white and black circles around her eyes.


Lucia ran, jumped, and played in costume. She had a birthday cake with Valak’s face, too.

“So it was my cousin’s 3rd birthday, and instead of having a normal theme, she chose this. And, if anyone was wondering, yes, her friends also participated in the theme,” said Andrea Villarreal.

Of course, the tweet went viral and was retweeted more than 138,000 times. It caught the attention of the filmmaker, actor, and comedian, Jordan Peele.

He quote-tweeted the post and wrote, “Does she have a Godfather?” Villarreal responded: “She does, but he will forfeit the rights, so we can hand them over to you.”

“Her parents did not question it at all. They were very supportive of her wanting this theme, especially because Lucia was very persistent,” Villarreal shared. “They had to go out of their way to make the piñata and cake special for the occasion because as you can imagine, those aren’t popular requests.”

Aarons later tweeted “Happy Birthday Lucia!!! HAPPY EVERY DAY!!”

“I know people see The Nun and get scared, but Lucia tells her mom that nun is protecting her,” she said.

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