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Saints and Religious Spreaders

The word saint is an adjective derived from the root of izzet. In the West, the word for this word is saint. God means friend. In the Torah (Ahd-i Atik) the word saint was sometimes used to refer to God, and sometimes to the Israelites. Rabbi have also been mentioned in this capacity. In Christianity, the word saint is Hz. It was used for the spirit of Jesus and Jerusalem. Besides, angels and apostles were also mentioned in this capacity. The word saint, which was originally used for all Christians, was later over-attached to the church and used for those who lost their lives for the church. In this sense, the title of saint was first given to the bishop of Izmir Polikarpos.

Saints’ Conditions

In Christianity, the title of saint can be given by the pope. The saints who sacrificed their lives for the sake of religion are highly respected by the church. Sculptures are placed in churches, they are remembered by reading their names in rituals. While all sects accept Christianity in Christianity, the Protestants do not find it true to the glory of the saints.

Saints of Islam

The equivalent of the Azizlık authority in Islam is the word “parent”. God means friend. It is seen in the Qur’an that it is used as an adjective to Allah and the prophet. Parent means a person with a piety. They are people who have high religious sensitivity and are aware of their responsibilities towards Allah. With all this, parents do not value world life very much. They will not forget death and Allah for a moment. Those who set an example to those around them with their experiences and made them love religion. No person or institution has the authority to declare someone as a parent in Islam. Because guardianship is not an official authority. The person, who is qualified as a parent, deserved this title with his life and gained the favor of the Muslim people.

Islam’s Approach to Parenthood

In Islam, it is not appropriate to exaggerate any human or an entity, even if he is a prophet, except Allah. Those who serve for Islam and who are able to communicate with their superior moral qualities have established a throne in the hearts of Muslims and are accepted as friend of Allah. The figures accepted as parents have had great services in terms of loving, spreading and being a livable religion of Islam. In addition, it has had extraordinary services to prevent Muslims from being harmed in terms of religious and intellectual harm in the face of different beliefs and movements.


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