RIO DE JANEIRO (The News Desk) — Saying that the name means nothing to him and that in fact it doesn’t even ring a bell, U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte denied being Ryan Lochte on Friday morning.

“Ryan Lochte must be the name of someone else who is not me,” Lochte told reporters, adding that Ryan Lochte was not somebody he had ever been in his whole life.

Lochte has been under scrutiny lately after it was revealed that his claim that he and three other members of the Olympic swim team were robbed at gunpoint in Rio was a lie.

“I wouldn’t know about that alleged incident early last Sunday morning at a gas station, since Ryan Lochte was the person who was supposedly there and I am not him,” the multiple Olympic medalist said. “Why don’t you go ask Ryan Lochte about it?”

When asked who he was, if he wasn’t Lochte, the multiple Olympic medalist said that he could not remember exactly, before adding, “Brian, something?” ♦

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