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Places to Visit in Sofia and Food Culture

Food culture in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia consists of Bulgarian cuisine. In this way, it is here that the unique and impressive features of the Bulgarian culture, and also excellent tastes.

As is known, Bulgaria is a European country. This is one of the rare settlements known for its proximity to the Asian continent throughout the country. In particular, the effect of acculturation due to geographical proximity to Turkey, we also reflected on. Especially its existence in Ottoman lands for a period proved to be a proof of this. He lived under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire for many years and then gained his independence in the 20th century and became an independent country with his unique flavors and culture. When examined across Europe, it is considered as one of the most economical settlements in terms of shopping culture, culinary culture and places to travel. For this reason, there are many tourists who travel here frequently from our country. You can also have a unique experience with Bulgarian cuisine as well as places you can visit and see on your Bulgaria travels.

Where to Visit in Sofia?

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Therefore, it has very important places to visit by using the capital identity. Sofia is one of the oldest settlements in the European region, where it is located next to the identity of Bulgaria’s capital. For this reason, this is a city that smells of historical texture and makes itself alive. You can say hello to Sofia with a unique and beautiful view at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. It is such a beautiful and unique city that women bear its name. The largest city park in Sofia is called the Vitosha park because it is located in the Vitosha Mountain and Vitosha region. This park is one of the places to be visited. Also, as we will describe as nature park, “Borisova Garadina Central Park” is located in another must-see places in Vitosha region. Those who want to learn the history of Sofia can make a short trip in time by making the “National Sofia History Museum”. The construction of the 13th century has been completed and it has been able to survive since then. Alexander Nevski Cathedral embraces you as an important symbol of the city.

What to Eat in Sofia?

Historical Tikvenik with traditions…

Tikvenik is a Bulgarian dish that tops the list of traditional tastes. It is a sugary dish made with sugar, walnuts, orange juice, orange zest, crushed walnuts and zucchini. We can say that it is a kind of pastry that can be consumed as a small sweet snack, which can be consumed as a main dish, by mixing this mixture with yeast dough and cooking it in the oven.

The stew, a traditional Ottoman flavor

Stew, which can be made with turkey meat in some regions, appears as a meat stew in Bulgarian cuisine. In our country, it is also possible to find stew made from mutton or beef meat as a dish from the Ottoman Empire among the same meat and flavors here. Here is a taste that we can call the traditional culinary taste brought about by culturalization. With the addition of chickpeas, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and sticks, it is ensured that the stew meat is cooked in a thick form thanks to this heavy cooking.

The taste of Pleven Chicken from Pleven to Sofia

Pleven chicken is very famous in Bulgaria. It is possible to eat this chicken in almost every city with different cooking techniques. Pleven chicken added similarity to the name of the dish as it came out of here. It is the main dish that you can find in every restaurant in Sofia, which is cooked with heavy noodle pilaf with noodle rice inside the chicken.


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