Back in 1990, a killer clown and a homicide were connected. It was Memorial Day of that year and Marlene Warren was spending some time with her adult son and some of his friends.

A knock on the door produced a clown in full makeup, with balloons and flowers. They were eating breakfast when the clown arrived.

A witness said that Marlene made a remark like you know, oh, how nice, you know, and everything. When she went to reach and grab for it, she was shot twice in her mouth. From there, the clown walked back into the car and drove away.

This scene could be straight out of a horror movie but the police did what they could to gather all the evidence. The clowns identity was a mystery to all involved.

The police were able to track down the clowns car in a shopping plaza. They were actually able to trace the car back to a lot owned by the victims husband.

He immediately became a suspect in the case, as did a woman who worked for him.

Her name was Sheila Keen. And the two were rumored to be having an affair.

However, investigators couldn’t prove the two had anything to do with the murder. The case went cold from there, for 27 years.

Michael Warren went to prison for a couple of years for smaller offences that were all related to the business. But as for the woman who worked at the lot, well, the two were eventually married.

They lived a quiet life until 2017 when police arrested Keen after discovering new found evidence linking her to the crime. Because of DNA, she was caught.

She still denies any involvement to this day. They seek the death penalty against her and the trial is likely to start late this year, in 2019.

As the date approaches, new details are coming out all the time. There were crime scene photos from the Wellington house where the wife was killed and pictures from inside the ‘getaway’ car.

They found orange fibers from the clown wig and strands of long brown hair. There was also a Publix receipt as well as accounts from the store where the clown costume was bought.

She was dressed as a clown because Michael Warren was told that the best way to get away with a murder was to dress in disguise, and a clown costume was the best.

Watch for the trial to find out what happens but this is for sure odd news.

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