VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Wiping droplets sweat from his forehead and furrowing his eyebrows in concentration, Vancouver brain surgeon and former plastic surgeon Brendan Gillespie encouraged himself to imagine that the brain he was operating on was a human breast, sources reported Monday.

“It’s okay Brendan, you’ve got this,” Gillespie was heard muttering to himself twenty minutes into the surgery, during which he removed a large brain tumour from his patient’s left cerebral hemisphere. “Just imagine it’s a nice, friendly human breast. This isn’t rocket science.”

In an effort to calm himself, the surgeon reportedly drew further comparisons to his career as a plastic surgeon throughout the course of the two hour-long procedure.

“Just imagine it’s a butt. Or a big, simple round belly. Nothing crazy about that, Brendan. This is all you.” ♦

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