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Home News Experiments causing to the death of animals

Experiments causing to the death of animals

They are experiments performed on one of the heads of hundreds of thousands of animals that have died so far.

Dozens of pharmaceutical companies companies cause the death of animals to observe something to get a product from cosmetic companies. Tens of cosmetic firms try their products on millions of animals every year, and this time another experiment on the animal that died dying or died and died. The cosmetic company or pharmaceutical company causes animal damage if it irritates the skin and eyes. Another experiment is tested on the pregnant rabbit to see if the drug or cosmetic product harms the pregnant person. He is starved in the dark cage, only when he leaves the cage, the process is when the experiment is applied.

Animals shouldn’t die

Which creature has to be exposed to this must die because of this experiment. This is a murderous behavior experiment. It is no longer in the eyes of anyone, animals that die as a result of experiments. There are thoughts that harm the animals’ skin, the product can be sold for positive use from the experiment, tens of animals that died until that stage are the most used animals, rabbit cat dog frog mouse animals are the way that leads to death. It looks at the million dollars it earned from the dead animal. What is it not for the animals to be shaved and experimented, or to calculate how many days a substance kills the animal?

Animals Precious Creatures

There is no rule that the disease seen in humans is seen in animals because the energy pills used on animals do harm the heart. The energy pills used in the mice drop and kill them after a while. If the cosmetic product used on the animals is not ready, it burns the skin of the animal, leaving the wound in a beret, and then waiting for another experiment if it does not die. Experiments that cause animals to die can be used in different ways. It should be used as a live experiment. Now, the experiments on paid pets that have emerged now come even to people. No animal should be used as a subject and cause death. These experiments harm animals create danger in the island nature.


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