A violent game called Momo, which appeared in Mexico and shared on WhatsApp , is increasingly spreading. Authorities warn against the dangers of the game.
Momo is described as a deadly suicide game and has been blamed for encouraging young people to harm themselves.

It all started on a Facebook page. A group of people WhatsApp, to challenge each other in looking for a foreign number.

Many users said they were sending messages to Momo, and that they received a violent photo as a backward message.

Momo sends young people images and instructions on how to harm themselves and others.

The dangerous game has been linked to a series of reported suicides among youngsters across the world in countries including Colombia, Argentina and India.

The story began circulating when reports emerged that a girl aged 12 and a boy of 16 killed themselves in northeastern Colombia in September after receiving Momo messages.

A thread on Reddit asks “Who and what is the ‘Momo’ whatsapp girl?”

“It started as a phone number that people could add on Whatsapp to be met with momo, and the creepy picture associated with her. The statue the picture is of was part of an exhibit in Vanilla Gallery, Japan.”

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