What do you expect from public toilets? Cleanliness and comfort? Probably like most of the people, you expect public toilets to be hygienic. Contrary to your modest expectations, some people turned public toilets into a design challenge. 

Here are the weirdest and quirkiest public toilets that feel like touristic attractions!

1. Aurland public toilets, Aurland, Norway

Norwegian architects Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemsen are responsible for this public toilet with an amazing view of the fjords of West Norway. Everything was considered for your privacy as the toilet is perched on the edge of a sheer cliff.

2. Gramazio Kohler public toilet, Ulster, Switzerland

The light reflecting green aluminum toilet is the product of Switzerland-based architects Gramazio Kohler. If you fancy a shimmering toilet experience, you should visit the lakeside town Ulster!

3. Lip-shaped urinals, St Chrishopher’s Inn, Paris, France

If you want to see these lip-shaped urinals, you should go to St Christopher’s Inn at Paris’ Gare Du Nord train station. These urinals were manufactured by Bathroom Mania, a Dutch company that is specialized in designing quirky bathrooms.

4. Hunderfossen toilet, Hunderfossen waterfall, Norway

Building a public toilet that is located feet away from a loud waterfall is nothing but clever! You can go to The Huldefossen toilet near Førde, which is an area which is famous for its wintertime snow hotels.

5. Lobster loos, Wellington, New Zealand

Immediately after the release of these New Zealand public toilets, people started to call them “lobster loos.” Designer Bret Thurston is responsible for creating these indestructible public toilets. The toilets are made of concrete and lead.

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