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Home Health Where did the Corona virus get infected?

Where did the Corona virus get infected?

Although there is a lot of information pollution about the virus, one of the definitive information is that the virus started to spread in China. In February, information began to emerge that a virus that appeared under the name of corona virus caused the disease and the disease extended to death in a short time.

Therefore, while investigations related to the virus continue, steps have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus on the other hand. At the beginning of these, the city of Vuhan, where the virus was first seen, came. While the developments in this city have been followed with curiosity by the world, efforts have been increased to make the measures taken in the same way work.

China and Other Countries

At the beginning of the work done to prevent the spread of the virus, the cancellation of flights took the first place. As a result of this situation, where some firms started right away and others tried to be later, news related to the spread began to come.

After China:

  • Italy,
  • Iran,
  • USA,
  • Germany,
  • France and was finally seen in the TRNC and Turkey.

After the news, it was learned that there is a spread related to the virus and a change in the virus.

How did it spread?

After the first appearance of the virus, world sales from various animal markets were said to be effective. In addition, the disruptions experienced during the time until the symptoms appeared in the first patient also caused spread.

Is Vaccine Found?

As the virus continued to spread, the question asked by everyone was the presence of the vaccine. It has not yet been confirmed as a definitive treatment for the vaccine.

What measures have been taken?

To prevent the spread of the virus, measures were taken in the form of quarantine and closing doors. At the same time, in some parts of Italy, the streets are full.


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