Weapons, cosmetics, food, social media, all aside; The first dollar trillionaire is out of artificial intelligence! An enormous race started around the world. The United States is involved, Russia and China, “Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and other experts,” this will be our end, “he warns. Is there a final exit before the bridge? Or is man preparing his own apocalypse with his own hands? 2017 was the year the alarm bells rang!

Who will win: Human or artificial intelligence?
When a future documentary is made on artificial intelligence, it will reserve a special place for 2017. Because this is the year in which everyone spills the stones at the foot of the issue, exhibits their ambition or warns. 2017 is the year of the most serious bets on whether human beings or robots will win in the future…

What will happen in the future? According to leading thinkers, the danger bells ring for our species. Warnings have been going on for a while, but this year has increased exponentially. Physicist Stephen Hawking, for example, suggests that the emergence of artificial intelligence may be the worst development in human history. According to Hawking, we can be dumped by artificial intelligence or erased from the world. Hawking, if he says anything, we need to consider it.

It’s not just the British scientist who fired the flares. The people most ponders the future, Tesla Motors and SpaceX’s founder, engineer, inventor and investor Elon Musk -Last month I get in a lot of fans in our country, during his visit to Turkey kendine- the end of August, robotics and artificial intelligence area’s leading 116 name together he wrote an open letter to the United Nations.

The letter in question wasn’t meant to be just an idea gymnastics. This year, the UN decided to open an official debate on drones, tanks and machine guns based on artificial intelligence. The letter of Musk and his friends demanded that this armament be prevented and that the ‘killer robot’ race would be prevented: irse Once these weapons were developed, there was a risk that any war would ever grow and spread so quickly that humanity could not perceive it. We’re out of time. If ‘Pandora’s box’ opens, it will be very difficult to close. ”

Are these experts unfair to worry about? If you say “They’re exaggerating, şu take a look at Putin’s statement following the publication of the letter:“ Artificial intelligence is our future. Not only for Russia, but for all of humanity or It promises enormous opportunities, but it also has unpredictable risks. What we know for now: Whoever rules this field, will rule the world. ”

Putin is not alone in his ambitious statements. China has already announced its intention to become a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. It is clear that the current leader is not going to put her best in order to stay behind in the competition. These are the state part of the business… Imagine international companies whose sole purpose is to ‘make a profit’. The cake is great, the appetite puffs and obviously the biggest slice of food sitting on the table.

Well, general acceptance is evident; the world will change and we will take our place in the changing world… Or can’t we? Goose’s feet, right? After all, if the main issue is the fight for life, is it now ‘in the mouth of the bread robot?? Let us clarify the question that everyone asks first, ‘who will take the job and when to the robots’.

The clearest answer is ‘The Future of Humanity Institute… at Oxford University asked machine machine learning uzman experts around the world when artificial intelligence would transcend humanity in their field of study. From these estimates, he created a huge database.

A few conclusions: Artificial intelligence will translate better than people by 2024; In 2026, he would be able to write compositions that would stone the high school student who said benim mine,, and in 2031 he would be more resourceful than any shop assistant in any store. will write a book to enter the list, 2053’te surgery, the best ‘human’ surgeon will curl better. Conclusion: Every single thing we call amaz can’t do that da will leave us behind in the struggle.

You see him in battle!

Although it will produce results that everyone should seriously think about, these discussions are pretty sweet. It is enjoyable to read in newspapers and magazines; “Ohooo there is more, anyway the tip does not touch us işler things we say… It will be like to miss your taste, but, let’s take a little more thorny issues.

Let’s get to the worst thing. Experts who have worked on these topics for decades warns:

The machines will one day develop their own motivation and even become conscious.
Artificial intelligence will make the war escalate and even make decisions that will start.
These experts add that when the scenario takes place, our world will look much more dangerous to the human eye than it does today. More powerful machines will circulate than people


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