Instagram users will not be able to keep track of who their families, stalkers and favorite accounts follow in real time and what they’re liking, because the app will officially remove the kaldır Follow ”tab this week.

This feature is currently in Instagram’s heart icon. However, when these changes take effect, only your personal feed will be viewable. In fact, the follow-up tab was one of the first features introduced on Instagram in 2011, but Instagram found that many people are turning to the newer “Explore” page to follow, interact, and find new accounts.

Vishal Shah, CEO of Instagram, confirmed that he knew that many people didn’t realize that the reason for getting rid of this feature was at first. “People didn’t know their activities had surfaced. So, there is a case that does not serve the use of the bag you have built, and it also causes people to be surprised when their activities occur, ” he said.


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