Online product sales is a huge market. Most new business owners, entrepreneurs, and even those who want to make money without capital, search for products they can sell online. We have prepared this article as a guide for those who say ne what can I sell online ”.

Should I sell items I don’t use in my house? Or should I just search online and find suppliers of products I like and sell them? Selling products on the Internet is shown as the easiest way to make money. We are sure that you have seen ads from the owner, ebay the fastest way to make money inde on websites like ebay, amazon and gittigidiyor. It is perfectly normal for you to be immersed in such misleading ads and want to start your own online business with great hopes. It is a fact that you can be successful in selling products on the internet, but that does not mean that you can guarantee any money by selling any product you want to sell easily. There are two important points in online product sales. The first is to choose the right product types and the second is to know where to find these products.

1- Choosing the right products for online sales
The biggest common mistake of internet vendors is that they choose the products they know best or desire most, which is not the right approach. Trying to sell a product that you often see as a good idea and that is right for you reduces your chances of success. You ask why? Because when you sell online, you sell in a real shopping environment. Selling online is a real business, and real business does not progress based on assumptions, predictions and personal preferences. If you want to open a new online shop and compete in the sales world, the only way to decide which product to sell is to do market research. You have to determine if the product you want to sell is marketable, or how much initial budget you need if it can be marketed.

For example, most new vendors are interested in electronic devices. They find a supplier that sells MP3 players, and they spend a lot of money to launch their new online shop. After that, months go by without any sales and they get confused as to why they can’t sell even though they spend a lot of money. What they don’t understand is that other online sellers in the product market they enter make a bulk purchase because they drop the wholesale price and if you dropshipping the products (the sellers find the buyers, the address of the product to be mailed and the price of the product from the customer, and the product’s price and the address to be mailed directly to the supplier). If you try to sell the product with the method that you purchased, your prices will be more expensive than the prices of other sellers. New sellers who try to sell such main goods often fail because they cannot fight against established sellers who manage the online market.

The key to choosing the right products for online sales is to move to niche markets.

2- Availability of products to be sold online
Let’s say you have chosen the right product to sell and it’s time to find out how to find it. You need to find ağ renewable ”resources when searching for online products to sell. This is where you will need a supplier.

Whether you are selling with dropshipping method or wholesale. Your goal as a seller should be to find a permanent supplier that will give you the best wholesale prices and can supply you products over and over again. Finding real suppliers on the Internet is very difficult because real suppliers rarely advertise on the internet.

But let us warn you in advance. 99% of ads related to these suppliers do not belong to legitimate sources. Most of them are brokers and are the main reasons why new sellers fail. Brokers are companies between online vendors and real suppliers. They say that they are real suppliers, but that is a big lie. Their main purpose is to take money from you. It seems ridiculous, but every day a lot of new sellers fall into this trap.

When researching suppliers, keep the following in mind:

1- Real suppliers do not charge you monthly fees.

2- Real suppliers do not charge installation fees from you.

Let’s say you’re trying to find products for online sales and you’ve found a supplier that doesn’t charge you anything… They might be fake and they won’t give you real wholesale prices. You won’t be able to fight in the online selling market unless suppliers give you real wholesale prices. You will not succeed if you do not work with real suppliers. Luckily there are also real suppliers you can find

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