When you get angry at a friend at school or at work, do you ever yell at your mother, your child?

Or are you sometimes acting like a child?

These are all the defense mechanisms of the ego that we did without realizing farkında

Freud’s Structural Personality Model is based on three systems (id, ego, supe rego) that make up human behavior. Ego is a system that tries to strike a balance between id and super ego. The Ego provides this function through the unconscious defense mechanisms you see below.

Now let’s take a look at the defense mechanisms you’ve never been a stranger to!


It is that the individual sees the flaws in himself in someone else. In projection, a person places the cause of his / her own deficiencies and failures on other people.

An unsuccessful student blames his teacher.
Some people may think that people underestimate themselves by perceiving the people around them as enemies. In neurotic individuals this feeling is very intense. Therefore, they do not accept the closeness to them.

  1. Rationalization / Logic

It is that an individual makes excuses for what he cannot perform due to his own inadequacy. In this case, excuses are generally produced that are partly correct or completely incorrect.

When a person who is not successful in business life says, demek To be successful in life does not mean to be successful in business life ’.


In cases where individuals cannot afford the events that create anger, they direct their anger to the objects and people whose power is enough. This is called displacement.

Individuals can sometimes be in a difficult position by more powerful individuals. This prevents the individual from attacking the more powerful one. However, the individual directs his power to someone who is weak from himself.

A person scolded by his boss scolded his child.


An individual has an effort to be superior despite all negative things. In other words, it tries to cover its failure in any field successfully in another field. At the same time, it is possible to improve itself by working hard on the subject that it failed.

A woman who does not see herself beautiful is successful in a sport by working hard.
Mastering the art of an individual who is not academically successful.


If the basic needs and desires of individuals cannot be met, dissatisfaction and anxiety may occur. In such a case, it is called a regression mechanism to decrease to a lower maturity level than it should.

Eight-year-old kid wet his pants.
A young girl screaming like a child.
Adult individuals fry, stutter in troubled times.


Individuals, for some internal and external reasons, sometimes can not do what they want. When they fail to do so, imagination comes into play. Because the dream world is the place where individuals can solve their problems and relax as they solve them. People who are unhappy for various reasons, escape from the reality of the dream world.

Dreaming is more common in childhood and adolescence. Because the demands of individuals during these periods are more. It is seen that this dreaming develops the dream world of children and adolescents. The problem, however, is that the individual knows the boundary between imagination and reality well. Because when this boundary disappears, the individual becomes unable to distinguish between reality and imagination, and his mental health can be impaired.


Intense desires that can create feelings of guilt can occur in the individual. Sometimes it is difficult for individuals to suppress these demands. In this case, the individual tries to protect his self by doing exactly the opposite of what he wants.

An individual telling a person he loves that he hates him.

  1. YADSIMA / DIS Denial

It is among the most basic of defense mechanisms. When something undesirable by individuals, individuals tend to reject that reality. So they distort that reality.

Although traumatic events are beneficial for an individual to maintain his / her own psychology, it can be harmful in the long run.

The fear of death does not go to the doctor.
His mother leaves the chair empty, thinking that a dead person will come back.


In order for an individual to maintain self-esteem in normal relationships, the exchange of love must be on equal terms. In the submission mechanism, the individual constantly tries to impose himself on the other side. Some individuals have no intention of gaining love. They also behave in a docile way to feel safe. Such people do not have faith in love, so they try to be safe by submitting to the people around them.


An individual who is confronted with various obstacles and failures sees himself the same as the successful people in that field, sees himself close to them and reaches a satisfaction in this way.


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