The most admired and the largest market share in the gaming world is usually the FPS series. In this list we have listed the most popular FPS series in the game world for you, hopefully you will like it.

Deus Ex Series

Deus Ex Series is one of the most interesting works of the FPS world with its unique cast, atmosphere and game structure. From 2000 to 2016, the Deus Ex series consists of a total of six games, most of which were highly appreciated by both the authorities and the actors. With its futuristic atmosphere and distinctive structure from other FPS, the Deus Ex series is definitely worth to play.

Half-Life Series

As you know, the Half-Life series, which many people are familiar with or not about the game, consists of two games. In the multiplayer mode, the Half-Life series is still the masterpiece of Valve Corporations. Half-Life series, including a giant like Counter-Strike from the series, we hope in a distant time will continue to steal the hearts of players with the third game.

Counter Strike Series

One of the first productions that comes to mind when talking about multiplayer is Counter-Strike. Both the success of the millennium and the fact that Global Offensive continues this success makes Counter-Strike one of the most admirable members of the FPS world. The rugged and fast game structure, appealing to a wide audience, makes the series one of the immortal series, while the next generation of battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite seem to be rocked.

Call of Duty Series

World War II games, led by Medal of Honor, were dominated by a group of game developers who left the Medal of Honor team. This is the first developer team in the Call of Duty series. The Call of Duty series, which walks this path alone by Medal of Honor, has become a real camel in its field. Developers who brought the series to a whole new level with the game called Modern Warfare, signed one of the series that affected the FPS world the most.

Bioshock Series

With a completely different theme under water, Bioshock has revolutionized the FPS world. The second game of the series was especially appreciated by the FPS fans, but at the same time it was able to get full marks from the authorities. For players who want a different FPS experience, this series is definitely one of the masterpieces of the FPS world.

Quake Series

The Quake series is one of the most original in the FPS world. Arena logic game, especially in incredibly fast and enjoyable multiplayer mode has stolen the hearts of players. In the third game of the series, artificial intelligence was so developed that the bots in the game learned your movements over time and determined strategies accordingly. This gave birth to many urban legends. Rumor has it that a Quake player forgot about the server he had opened for about five years, and for five years the bots constantly fought each other. Five years later, when this player entered the game, he noticed that the boots had stopped fighting and were waiting unarmed in their birthplace. In short, the boats realized that the only way to win the war was not to fight. Let us leave this example aside and continue our list.

Battlefield Series

Call of Duty series eternal friend and eternal enemy, Battlefield series. Battlefield, which has a slightly more tactical structure than Call of Duty, has a wide range of players. Battlefield series, which connects many players with its visual quality and gameplay, has an important place in the market especially with its multiplayer modes.

DOOM Series

A dark post-apocalyptic atmosphere, creatures from hell and fast game structure. The Doom series is so original that no definition will satisfy you unless you play. Inexplicably, this series is probably not as much a fan of other FPS games as it is played, but it is one of the productions of the FPS world. With DOOM (2016), the last published member of the series, you may consider making a late entry to the series. If you are a player who likes FPS games, we assure you that you will be captivated.

Fallout Series

A little RPG, a little FPS, a little apocalypse. The Fallout series is not only admired by FPS players, but also by RPG players. From 1997 to 2015, all five games of this series were highly admired by both players and authorities, and had a fanatical fan base. Fallout series will be one of the series that we should definitely play.

Left 4 Dead Series

Left 4 Dead is one of the successful FPS series developed by Valve. Usually played in co-op mode, this game has a very fun structure where you can resist the zombies with your team. Although the third game is still waiting for the players, just like the Portal and Half-Life series, Valve has been one of the victims of the third game.


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