Now, this guy might be the reason why he said it was a problem. My problem is falling in love, not falling in love. It’s like a federation running the seasons. Or you know; If necessary, I go away, I will also win the return. But let’s not be a seasonal love worker.

Where does it come from?

I don’t know how many years it takes to give such a mission to the spring months, but I think it’s not the same after the saying that ’April-May, loosening hearts” that we started to hear like all the rhyming words. Every year a lot of people on the subject; Hormones, the position of the sun, pollen and fashion began to create such a perception using. Like all winter bears, we go to sleep, and as soon as we get up, we find ourselves in a fictional fiction; “Spring is here, you’ll find someone …” People put you in a fashion, as if a truck is being left around you every day for about a month. However, if the city still doesn’t have a nice film and you don’t even have a cat, the climate changes and the Mediterranean doesn’t change much for you.


The biggest supporter of this theory is the spring festivities of universities. These festivals are a great opportunity for bodies that can flirt with most kettles throughout the winter. Everyone feels like a Woodstock festival in the 1970s. On the first day, you are held on the grass by the girl with the round glasses in one of the groups of girls, usually sitting in groups of three, and walk around 10 km along the festival. These stories have happened to all of us, often resulting in the learning that that girl is somehow her boyfriend at another university. But until the school closes a new adjective has appeared for you in your life and you will now have the following sentences: sırasında I saw the girl at the festivities during the meal. ”A month later neither the festivity remains, nor the excitement when she sees the girl Zaten Already the finals begin, what girl?

Meteorological effect and related fashion effect

Another foundation of the theory is the change in our wardrobe. It is always told that getting rid of the boring colors of clothing that can be observed with the naked eye during winter (I do not mention the issues such as underwear etc. that cannot be observed with the naked eye), fueled the feelings of people. It is natural to see a woman who you see in the form of two eyes on the turtleneck during the winter, when suddenly she is wearing a body, and if she is recognized, she will exhibit behavior disorder. But it seems to me that nobody can fall in love just because the perception of textile has changed. Oh, is it triggering? It wouldn’t have changed so much in the big fashion industry. I pray every year that change doesn’t show us strange weird things as fashion, I hope, but we come across a bad trend. This year there is also the issue of slippers, I think is quite a debate.

Shouldn’t we ever be?

There will be those who say, din You painted such a portrait that you should never fall in love in the spring;; I write the last part to relieve them. I’m telling you, you don’t have to go through any date to get a suitable guy. Concentrating the expectation to a certain period causes people to experience many differences in other periods, from personal to psychological states. There are people walking around like Captain Caveman all winter, scattering like Ferit in Hababam Class in the spring and living like a Survivor contestant on the island for three months in summer. My problem is, dear reader. After all, if Ferit saw you, the woman who would think of a name for her children might not be among you because she saw you as Captain Caveman. One should be hopeful of the four seasons. Maybe the girl at the spring festival broke up with her boyfriend, so go sit next to her …

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