Family groups aside, office colleagues on the other; lots of friends waiting for answers, messages from people you don’t know where you got your number, increasing stress if blue tic is still on… WhatsApp is our primary and absolutely fastest communication channel. However, sometimes we overburden him and he can get out of business. Now let’s list the suggestions that will make your job easier in this challenging arena.

  1. Don’t leave photos missed

Generally, the photos that come to the groups, even if they do not have a descriptive text underneath, mean only one question: “What do you think?” So write your thoughts with kindness and some good intentions and don’t leave your loved ones unanswered.

  1. Do not distribute the subject

The volume of some WhatsApp groups can go up to such levels that from time to time we can’t figure out who the messages are from, and we find ourselves asking, “What is this group doing?”. In these cases, it is best not to deviate. You don’t need any extra questions, if there is no question directly addressed to you or an invitation you have been invited to, wait for a while, read when the storm ceases and write your answer as long as it is relevant.

  1. Restrain your Emoji love

Think about it, the wife of sending emoji from eight eyes side by side, out of the virtual world, laughing for a few minutes. Is it really a message that deserves eight emojis? It’s best to use emojis in taste. And if there are dozens of people in the group in question, it’s important that you make the right impression on people who have met you in person only a few times.

  1. Leave softly

One of the greatest pleasures that can be heard in the world of WhatsApp: get out of a group. But it’s also a manners, the style should be. Our suggestion is that the agenda is not intense, the group is silent at a time when you quit flirting. They’ll be far away when you realize …


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