Let’s make some empathy and make a confession. When men first see women, they first look at their physique and face. It doesn’t get your attention or not.

Women, like men, look at a man’s face, physics and hair first. According to one study, most of the things that women pay attention to are hands, teeth and hair. Let this be our lead.

In short, both well-groomed and always at war… Excuse us, we must be ready to impress a gentlemen.

Men do not know how much attention is paid to a woman’s clothing and how much trend it is, but women want to be with men as stylish as they are. Be stylish and follow trends.


Scientifically, we know that perfumes affect hormones. Perfume selection matters! Spice scents, woody scents, Japanese flowers are among women’s favorite scents.


It’s always classic, but you know “Escaped is Chased. In Don’t be mistaken. Most women like chasing, not running.

Women escape from the first minute from the men they know on their palms. However, trying to influence the difficult, not being able to attract yours while attracting everyone’s attention ambitions him and drags him into the game. Remember, women like to play.

In general, you are an award in your behavior and you are waiting for the woman who will win you after a race. Let him have you.

To give a more concrete example, close the conversation from time to time. Gerek I have to work ”, am I have to sleep” or at Good night ”message first.

The small detail that should be noted here is that your behavior does not look like a conscious arrogance. 🙂


Women want to be with men whom they can have fun with. Make it fun, give him lots of new information, and let him explore with you. This will make you more difficult to reach.

Let him have adventures with so many different surprises that he can connect to you. Women like to walk the paths full of adventure.


As it is said in the song “Love is an imbalance.” Never be balanced. You can reply to his message in three seconds, whether he waits for hours.

Give him a secret to make him feel special; Join the casualties as he continues to think. Don’t let him know what happened.

Even if they seem like the things that annoy women, they love puzzle solving in their private lives.


Don’t give him any information about your life every day at any time. For example, if you talk every day, just be silent for hours and wonder where you are at that time intervals.


While Seksapel is generally a characteristic of women, women also categorize men as sexy and non-sexy.

Men’s sexiness can of course be provided by baklavas, but women may find a man to be sexy because he / she is intelligent because he works more emotionally.

Another way is to be compassionate. One of the things that makes a man sexy is that he is compassionate. Muscular and tattooed pictures of such a male model loves babies, which is a proof of this.


Always look like fifties if I shake my hand. Play the man who has been exposed to the attention of many women in his past, present or future, but who did not want to. Remember, there will always be women who want you. And that should know him and fight for you!

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