There is a possibility that science can resolve your heartbreak.

Scientific Ways to Get Rid of Separation Pain
Have you ever heard of Neurofeedback? Let’s divide the word into two: neuro and feedback. In fact, we are familiar with both in our daily lives. Neuro, neuron or neurosis, means nerves. Feedback is the most crude but meaningful translation. So when we say neurofeedback, we’re talking about a feedback on our nervous system.

In the scientific world, this method is based on measuring brain waves using EEG and transforming them into visual or auditory state. The main idea is to yeniden rethink your thoughts gör by seeing or listening to what’s going on inside your brain, in a way, to change them.

Some clinics around the world have been using this method for the last few years to treat problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. And interestingly nowadays this situation is also referred to in case of heart failure.

To understand how the method works, first we need to understand how a loving brain works. 17 of the 32 people who participated in a study published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology had started a new relationship and 15 had just terminated a relationship. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, pointing out the results of the research, “When we showed the participants a photo of their loved one, we saw that hypothalamus secretes dopamine in every part of the brain.” “Dopamine is about emotions. When you start to like someone, everything about you feels special: the house they live in, the street they walk every day, the clothes they wear… They are all dopamine stimulants. That’s where neurofeedback comes in.

You cannot force yourself to forget something or anyone. According to Fisher’s research, whenever we go to our ex-girlfriend, dealing with something else at that point, calms the hypothalamus and stops the plague of dopamine. Edik We asked the participants to count back from 4821 to 12 each. So we have relieved the burden of the brain’s affection-related region. ”

You can also apply Fisher’s own research yourself. Pay your bills, play computer games, memorize something… Just keep your brain busy, time will help you and your brain.



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