Even though he is the most famous footballer in the world, there is a man who can’t wait to go home running at the end of the day. A man who doesn’t stay away from this passion even when he doesn’t fight for a ball, he likes to watch football matches on TV as a family. Çalışmak Working hard in the pursuit of dreams or is the motto of his life and his perseverance to other areas of his life: his self-designed fashion collection CR7 and his recent career in hotel management reinforce his success in the field.

We listen to family life, achievements and CR7 collection from this master football player.

At which point of your life and career are you now?

Personally I’m in a great spot, our family is growing and I’m very happy with my life. In terms of career, I have left behind two wonderful years of success with my club and national team. I believe that I will continue to be in a very good place in football for many years.

What is your greatest passion outside of football?

Being with my family and friends. Spending time with little Cristiano and now with my babies, being with my girlfriend, my family, spending quality time with my friends, having fun and relaxing.

Your passion for winning never ends?

I’m ambitious, and I think everybody should go after their dreams. I did it and still want to improve myself, achieve better.

In football history, it’s hard for a player to stay the best in the world for as long as you do. What else lies behind this, besides talent?

Hard work, dedication, a strong sense of responsibility and will, the pursuit of your dreams, the determination to achieve your goals … I think this applies not only to athletes, but to everyone.

How important do you think your care to your physique is in your career success?

What is interesting is that life is a constant struggle in many ways. I try to keep my physics at the highest level because it is important to my profession. I have to be 100 percent fit, I care a lot. I don’t do what I did 10 years ago.

What are the moments of your career that make you proud?

I have had many memorable performances during my career, but I don’t want to keep one person apart. I focus on the future rather than the past.

Is there a football player or other athlete that inspires you?

Not only in football, there are many people I admire in different branches. I love watching different sports and I always try to learn from these people. I had the opportunity to meet some of them and it’s always interesting to share different views and stories about our careers.

Do you see anyone who could be the heir to the throne after you?

Everybody’s different, I always say that. So, how none of us are the heirs of our predecessors, the future players will not be like the players playing today. There are a lot of talented young football players and they need to be like themselves, to work hard to sit on the summit.

Do you have a final goal in your career?

The goal is always to win the next match; If you do that, you’il be the champion. The goal of each player is to be champion and always want better.

Is there a difference between your daily life and the situation you spent on the jersey number 7?

If you’re asking the differences between “me olarak as a person and a player, of course there is, but I think I’m showing who I am on the court. I’m not hiding my happiness or sadness.

You’ve always said it’s the most important thing in your family’s life. You now have a large family. What does being a father mean to you?

Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am very happy and enjoy every second of it.

How does it feel that little Cristiano is part of his jeans collection?

The shooting was fun and I think the result was excellent. Little Cristiano seems to have a natural gift. It was a father-son moment for us.


Do you believe the children are attracted to their father?

Each person has a different character and the way he walks, but of course there are some things that parents tell their children. I hope I can give my children some useful values ​​and principles, and I can be with them whenever they need them.

Do you think football provides a strong division between men, especially between father and son?

It was a long time, even so, but not only between men or between father and son. Women also have a great passion for football and are transferred from one generation to the next.

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