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Home Entertainment is It Right to be close with Astrology?

is It Right to be close with Astrology?

Since ancient times, people have wondered about the future and wanted to learn. There may be many psychological reasons for this. People who are probably not happy with the moment they live and want to have hope for the future or those who want to make their future plans always existed and wanted to see the future by looking at the stars and fortune telling. Astrology is like a synthesis of many years of experience that star positions may be linked to world events.

How people look to astrology today?

Astrology has existed in all periods of human history. Today, it is not accepted by some people as a fortune-telling, and its scientificity is not accepted. However, the group that accepts that it is still a science and defends that ancient and deep knowledge should be learned and used in social life is also considerably high. We see that educated people have increased interest in astrology recently. It is even spoken in European countries that individuals, even institutions and states make future plans according to astrological data.

Is it important to Be close with astrologyā€¯?

people should not see astrology as a fortune telling just about the future. It will be more accurate to examine the movements of stars for centuries as a determination of their effects on human life. When the person is lucky or unlucky according to the locations in the astrological map, which is made according to the birth place and date, the qualities of his talents, the shadows of his abilities, the parties to develop, the qualities of the relationships he can establish with other people. And it will be possible to improve itself according to these determined features, as well as bring success in life.

It should be kept in mind that states, institutions, and groups, apart from people, also have an astrological map. Based on this, for example, with the help of expert astrologers, a company to be established can be established at the right time. In this way, the possibility of establishing organizations that can last for a long time and bring success will increase. For those already established, the most accurate course of action can be determined by time. Also, looking at the maps of the leaders or opinion leaders of scientists, scientists, can give an idea about the structure and needs of societies.

It should be tried to look at astrology from a different perspective by breaking our prejudices. Rather than seeing it as a fortune telling system, it is best to consider it as a set of information that provides us with research and ways of acting correctly.


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