The legendary pilot, who proved to be the best in the world seven times, turned the sharpest bend of his life. But it was neither fate nor miracle. He lived so much life that death trembled when he came to get it.

Our brain records the causes and consequences of what we experience and tries to protect us from mistakes when we face similar situations. This is the simplest form of life experience. There are so many mistakes that can fit into a human life that our brain makes a great effort not to make the same mistake twice. When you repeat the error repeatedly, the organ you will calculate the moments, under the left breast.

Death, this miracle of design is stood as a moment the organ has never experienced. When we come face to face with him, he quickly scans our memories and tries to find a similar moment. The moment he struggles to find a similar experience in the past allows him to remember many things, even if it only takes a few seconds. We mortals, we call it the passing of our lives like a film strip before our eyes.

Michael Schumacher experienced this indescribable moment on the morning of December 29, 2014. He felt the cold breath of Azrael, who had been challenging on the race tracks for years, on the ski slope in the French Alps. Investigations at the site of the accident, bumped into a rock bumped into another rock and found that another rock head overhead. This brave man, known for his excitement during the race, was no more than he felt when he was walking on the road, for the first time so close. And in this vortex of despair, which he has never been accustomed to, perhaps a filmstrip passed his eyes for the first time:

Hürth-Hermülheim, Germany, 1974

Last week, my father’s karting car suddenly hit a lamb in the middle of the road. I was going to the neighborhood butcher where my mom works. Okay, I was a little quick, but I swear the lamb just jumped in front of me. I don’t know how. My mom told me it was a miracle that nothing happened in a convertible made of scrap. My father is worried about people walking on the sidewalk. He convinced my mother that the karting track would be safer for everyone. Tomorrow morning we go to a karting track. I can not sleep. My father told me that this track was built in memory of a famous racer who lost his life during a race. He said he could build me a new vehicle if I had to. I had to turn 14 to participate. I don’t think I have to wait that long.

Kerpen-Horrem, Germany, 1978

My parents started working on the karting track at the weekend. My mom’s serving in the canteen, and my dad’s doing repairs. There’s no place we can leave my brother. My father says it’s time for Ralf to learn karting. “But he’s only three! Orum I object. Karıştır You were 4.5 years old. Tell me, wouldn’t you want to start at the age of three? ” Right. Yürüy I will never let him get past me, you know it! ”I walk towards the runway as I grab my helmet. “No matter how old he is, when he wears his helmet, he will be your opponent, not your brother.” I turn around and look at the yellow head that mimics the sounds of race cars. His feet barely reach the pedals. One day, when I get to the finish line, I feel like I’m happy to have his helmet in my rearview mirror.

Hong Kong, 1990

I’m about to fall asleep in the hotel room after the Macau race, looking at the cup on my bedside. I’m startled by the phone. The person who knows best I don’t like to be disturbed after the race is calling. As soon as I got my karting license, the German and European championships that I won in succession took me to Formula Ford races in five years. The second place I won in my first season in those races caused the famous manager Willi Weber to knock on our door. Weber and I were so different from each other, he was a good-looking businessman, and he spoke very well. I knew I needed him, but more importantly, I felt I could trust him. It was only an hour after our meeting that we had a 10-year contract. Shortly after he began appearing in Formula 3 races, he made me be accepted into the Mercedes-Junior Team. Even though I was a rookie, I owed the fact that I was driving a 920 horsepower dream car and the Formula 3 World Championship I won this year. Yes, Willi Weber was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life, but it didn’t give him the right to pull me out of the sweetest part of my sleep after a tough race. “Weber, isn’t it your job as my manager to prevent me from being disturbed after the race?” “Schumi wants you to drive a Formula 1 car on a test drive in Silverstone. Do you realize what that means? It’s time, son! ”




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