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Visas came to the door. Some of us went to school since the beginning of the semester, we worked regularly, some of us didn’t go, some of us didn’t go, we left the last night. I think this is a great majority of those who left to the last night based on my known student experience. I would like to share my methods with you as a student who gets up on the last night of each exam week.

Caffeine Explosion
So every student’s best friend is tea, coffee. Of course I won’t tell you about coffee during your exam week. This is the easiest method that every student knows, even every person who wants to get up in the morning. The real advice is to pour coffee into your cola and drink some kind of caffeine burst. As long as your sleep is suppressed, you’ll be like a goblin in ten minutes. Of course, don’t do this more than twice in one night

Have a shower

You’ve studied full throttle, you’ve endured 2 to 3 at night, and there’s another two-hour session that you have to work on, but your sleep is pretty bad. Just enter that moment and take a short shower with warm water. With the feeling of water and the chills coming in, you’re taking a 20-minute break and believe me, that shower keeps you sober until morning.

Slim Dress Up
This method is particularly effective during the exam weeks in the spring semester. It makes the man warm and brings his sleep. Thick bold wear and take your hot tea with you ‘tumblr girl’ class is not studied. It sits warmly, works 1-2 hours and then sleeps. But if you wear it thin, it will feel sober with a chill sensation and stay awake for more time

Studying in an Uncomfortable Place
Look at the school, the libraries are always upright uncomfortable chairs. A man can’t study inpatient. You cannot sit and study in your comfortable chair or lying down in your bed. You will sit in an uncomfortable chair, you will try to learn like the lions J make sure your sleep comes at least one hour forward which pulls the uncomfortable chair.

Listen to music

Of course, this advice does not require memorization for numerical lessons when you study architecture drawing or numerical formulas are working in the intensity of lessons (such as statistics) listening to music will not bring your sleep. Of course, you get fast rhythm songs.

Categorizing the Night
Divide the topics of the course you will study. Do not finish all important topics in advance. Distribute them all night. And, adhere to your program letter by letter so that I have to start the more important issue that I have to finish it, you will necessarily have to condition your brain and remain loyal to that program until the morning you will be both awake and finished your subjects.

Don’t Be Single

It’s easier to convince ourselves to sleep when we’re on our own, but when we’re studying together (everyone in the setting will be up in the morning) our motivation increases. If we all want to sleep, we’il get together and we can all be together in the morning. So my advice to you is to do it with your friends if you’re going to be in the morning.

On the night of the morning, eat something spicy and eat sodas for dinner. Stay away from yogurt, spices and carbonated drinks will miss your sleep.

Chewing Gum

I’m aware I’m constantly saying something to eat. As you can understand, the main idea is that your mouth will not be empty:) Chew gum, which is one of the relatively sleepless methods.

Make sure the environment you work in, but always bright. Dim light brings sleep.

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