One day I was waiting for sharks in a cage hanging off a boat off Cape Town …
Adrenaline, or ’ardinal“ in the words Organized Jobs ’for some of us to look down from the top of a building as simple as the event comes to life with a click for some of us can occur in extreme situations. This is not really related to your lifestyle or profession. It’s all about building. One of the defining features of this hormone, which motorcycle users are very interested in, is that a little more is always wanted. A very cheeky hormone, it looks nice to your eye at first, and it looks like you’re not empty of it, it offers to meet just a step away. I must confess that I am one of those who fall into this trap from time to time.

I would like to give an example. Year 2015, I went to Cape Town for a six-day Garden Route with my friend and victim, Yalın Manço. As the guest of Sarper Sesli, who has been living there for years, we are going to cross the most exciting bends in the world with the BMW R 1200 GS. Come to see that we have planned a different mischief on the plane, on the second day we were thinking about how to squeeze the cage and shark dive together. We were planning to watch five-meter big whites eating from a few meters in a cage hanging from the side of the boat and nudge, if possible. Fortunately, it’s not hard to convince Sarper and we’re not too late to start counting back to the ad the adrenaline ”of our lives.

There were six days ahead of us, each of which we would wake up in a different place. Although authentic, we set out to leave the city atmosphere and leave ourselves to the African nature. Our first stop is the Western Cape. Sarper’den answer to the question of miş will we pass the Cape of Good Hope, which is known as the most tip of Africa when we have come here? Iyla came from jet speed. Cape of Good Hope was the southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula, that is, for years we carried the burden of a word acrobat that Bartolomeu Dias did in 1488. When we heard that the real hero, Cape Agulhas, was also on our route, we decided to forget all our knowledge from primary school and leave ourselves to the plans of our tour guide.
It took us a while to get used to the traffic flowing from the left, the drivers who strictly adhered to the traffic rules and the asphalt like a skate. I didn’t know exactly how the journey of about 140 kilometers ended in a great nature. Unlike cows and small ruminants that we encountered in our country, we came to the first stop while counting the ostriches standing on the side of the road. It’s nice to be familiar with animals such as ostriches, baboons, squirrels that you often come across in South Africa, but our appointment at Van Dyks Bay is with a slightly more active friend: the Great White Shark.

To summarize, our mission is to get rid of motor clothes and helmets, wears diving clothes, and at the same time with us and the same geographic point of mind with about 30 people, 1000 horsepower with a boat for about an hour to open the shore, entering the cage of the crew entering the cage, to be under the sea with the great whites who reach 5-6 meters in length. While preparing ourselves for this short adventure, I cannot say that the disclaimers signed by us, the warnings of dokun don’t touch the sharks ve hanging on the wall, and the presence of people in front of us who did not give up at the last minute and go back to the cage with a white face helped. However, thanks to the last minute information we received from Sarper in Cape Town the previous day, we are very comfortable! The conversation I opened as a friend for coffee had left its place to a deep silence with this dialogue. Mu Have you ever had an accident on these dives? ”The answer came from Sarper in his usual composure.

Sene Last year a boat capsized and two people had to get to know the great whites a little more closely. ”

Let us return to our boat with the regret of having left our elementary school knowledge too early: the ones in front of us give up one by one, Yalın and I have taken our places in the cage. If I need to briefly explain the ritual, the crew starts to make a sound by pouring a kind of fluid enriched with fish and meat residues into the water after we fill the mortals into these cages. Only big tuna heads are used to attract large whites. This was a legal necessity, as fish blood and tuna meats were banned because they aggressively aggravated large whites and accustomed them to easy feeding.


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