Cappadocia is the most beautiful open-air museum in the country with its attractions. Although connected to the province of Nevsehir in Central Anatolia, Nevsehir, we all think of the magical world of Cappadocia and the Fairy Chimneys.

The history of Cappadocia dates back to ancient times. It was the most important trade route of the rulers. During the Persian period, the King’s Road and during the Seljuk period the silk road passed through these lands. Established on important trade routes, this city was attacked from time to time.

When the soft structure of the soil is combined with the need of people to hide, many underground cities have been established in these lands. Although the population of the city is not very crowded, it is one of the provinces that attract tourists. This makes the city lively and vibrant in all four seasons.

Cappadocia will make everyone love their most beautiful face and offer an experience to be addressed! There are lots of activities to do in Cappadocia. Bike tours, valley walks, horse rides at sunrise or sunset – also available on a full moon – discover local delicacies, balloon rides, see historical sites, make pottery, explore nature with an ATV trip or safari, wine tastings and local vineyards see, dive into the most delicious sleep in rock hotels…



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