Today, PUBG Mobile offers an entirely different experience to gamers with an update to iOS and Android devices, a new game mode, Halloween themed content and much more.

Turkey’s and the world’s most played mobile game PUBG Mobile, the highly anticipated new content update 0.15.0 released today. Survive Till Dawn – Zombie Mode has been updated with new weapons and vehicles, update featuring brand new features and many more innovations are on the way. Players will be able to access the new update free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

New features added to all PUBG Mobile maps and game types within the content update 0.15.0 include:

BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle: Players can travel both on land and in water with this special tank, which can only be called with a flare and reduces damage.
Sticking to the ledges: With the long-awaited attachment to the ledges, players will be able to climb between buildings and containers to reach previously unreachable points.
Desert Eagle: With the highest damage and muzzle velocity of all pistols, this new pistol comes with 62 damage per bullet Laser Sight, Holographic Sight, Weapon Laser and magazine add-ons.
Oil Drums: Oil can be found on all maps of the vehicle by throwing a few bullets on the barrels can be detonated.
Graffiti: Players can now leave their mark on the battlefield with four different types of graffiti. Earlier this year, PUBG Mobile added Survive Till Dawn mode to the battlefield as part of a partnership with Resident Evil 2. From now on, players will be able to take on the spirit of “Halloween Week uyla with Survive Till Dawn zombie mode, which offers a completely new experience with revamped objects and witched monsters. In addition, a new group of enemy people in abandoned factories and castles is added to the game. Players can win better rewards by defeating these new enemies. Killing the zombies will provide special biological combat equipment that is effective against both zombies and other players.
In addition, the Heavy Weapon Mode, which will be available later this month, bringing new features to a scale never seen before in classic mobile tactical games, will give players a completely different PUBG Mobile experience. The Heavy Weapon Mode and future features include:

Helicopters: Players can now rise to the sky and hunt enemies from the air with the new attack helicopter.
Super Weapon Chest: A new chest that appears regularly and is activated after 3 minutes. Includes air assistance weapons, Level 3 Armor and Heavy Weapon Mode weapons and similar features.
Teammate Animation: When you collect the ID cards of your dead teammates and take them to the nearest Communications Tower, you will be able to revive them quickly.
New Heavy Weapon Mode Weapons: Explosive RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Bomb Throws and M134 minigun are now in the game.
Air Strike Signal – Players will be able to launch air strikes on target areas on the map.
Vehicle Repair Packages: Damaged vehicles and wheels can be repaired with the packages.
Weapon improvements and additional arrangements: M16A4, Vector, UMP45 and MK47 Mutant weapons were developed with new additions, ammunition types and carrying capacities as well as other performance and graphics improvements.


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