The Joker solo film, which has long been eagerly awaited by many moviegoers, starring Joaquin Phoenix, finally debuted last Friday and began his visionary journey with records.
The film, which began its box office adventure well above the expectations, not only broke the opening record on film history in America with $ 13.3 million; the all-time record for October. According to Box Office data compiled by US audience at the weekend, the Joker has generated $ 93.5 million in the first three days of the screening and 234 million globally at the end of the first week. When we consider the film’s $ 60 million budget, Warner Bros has already signed on to one of the most profitable works of the Joker.

The film began its career with box-office records, but it is not known whether the film will be the 92th Academy Awards, but Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the most powerful nominee of the Best Actor branch with his great performance.


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