One of the first names that come to mind when it comes to Underground Literature is writer Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck Palahniuk, of course, comes to mind at the Fight Club. One of the main reasons why Palahniuk’s Fight Club is so popular is that director David Fincher is in the film adaptation. Directed by the thriller and mystery films, the director made his mark on the period and co-authored a long-running film in collaboration with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The Fight Club film was highly acclaimed for their acting and the division of personality into which the film was superficially shaped.

However, Fight Club is more than a thriller about psychological disorder. It is a film that opposes the established order, questions the system, and gives taboos such as violence and sexuality to the audience in its most clear and striking form. While doing this, Tyler Durden‘s mouth pouring out of thoughts makes you think again and again. Here are the aphorisms that question life from both the film and the book.

Sen If you don’t know what you want, you’ve had a lot of things you don’t want. ”
“You buy furniture, say to yourself, this is the last sofa I’ll ever need. You get the couch and for the next few years, no matter what your business goes wrong, at least you know you have solved the couch problem. Then the bed of your dreams. Curtains. Carpets. Then you get stuck in your nice home. What you once had is now your owner. ”

N Why am I severing my ties with physical power and property? Tyler whispered. Because I can only discover the true power of my soul by destroying myself. ”

“Which is worse, hell or nothing?”
Işte That’s why I loved the solidarity groups. If people think you’re dying, they give you their full attention. If there’s a chance they’re seeing you for the last time, they really did. You had all their attention. People were listening to you instead of waiting for their turn. ”

“Marla’s philosophy was that she was always ready to die, and the tragedy in Marla’s life was that she didn’t die.”

“I said hello, I committed a terrible crime against humanity as part of a political protest. My aim is to protest the exploitation suffered by the workers in the service industry. ”
“Then, relying on each other to hold the ropes, they felt that their lives slipped from their hands every hour to hour, leaving them down, taking a quick death, swinging down on the rope and climbing down the building’s brick façade.”

Dan Since my father had never been to college, it was very important for me to go to college. I told him on the intercity call when the university was over, what now? My father had no idea. When I got a job and turned twenty-two, I asked her on the long-distance telephone: What now? My father had no idea; And he said, because it is not, marry. I’m a thirty-year-old boy and I’m not sure another woman is the answer I’m looking for. ”

“Perhaps improving yourself is not the answer sought.”
K What the Fight Club did for civil servants and couriers was to do it for civilization. He was going to upset civilization to make the world a better place. ”

Var There’s a class of strong men and women who want to sacrifice their lives for something. Advertisements make people run after cars and clothes they don’t need. How many generations have people been working in jobs they hate, why? To buy things they don’t really need. ”

“Only after you have lost everything will you be free to do what you want.”
T Tyler cared about whether other people were harmed or not. The aim was to teach everyone in the project that they had the power to direct history. We, each of us, can guide the course of the world. ”

Insanlar These people you’re trying to crush are everyone you need. We’re the people who do your laundry, cook and bring it in front of you. We’re building your bed. We’re protecting you while you’re asleep. We use the ambulances. We’re tying his phone. We’re cooks, taxi drivers, and we know all about you. We follow insurance notifications and credit card payments. We supervise every aspect of your life. ”

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