Life isn’t always fair. If you are a student, and especially if you are working in a stressful job, you have to make time for yourself. Otherwise, it is not possible to get efficiency regardless of what you do. Here are our suggestions;


Take a Break:

The bosses want their employees to have what they want right now. This is always the case. But to do a job quickly, not to do it is ingenious, keep in mind. When you work with small breaks, you will work both more enjoyable and more creatively and willingly. Of course, these are not half-hour breaks. The maximum time you need is 10 minutes.



If you want to increase your creativity, you will walk. Working constantly sitting makes your brain more tired. When you feel your body aches and gives you a signal with the effect of sitting, a 6-minute walk in the office will save you from all the troubles.


Keep Green Around:

Being in nature and even looking at nature photos will take you away from stress. If you want to increase your creativity and brain power, equip your surroundings with green. Maybe your work place is between buildings or you work at home office, then what you need to do is to equip your desk with small flowers.


A Little Prediction:

Short sleeps keep our brain constantly open while awake. In fact, even if you do not fully experience the feeling of falling asleep, you just need to close your eyes and rest your brain. When you do this, you should keep it limited to 30 minutes to avoid feeling more dizzy.


Hang Out With Friends:

It is not the right way to go home after a long and exhausting or school day. At some point in today’s hectic life, you realize that your life is just school-home or work-home. Spend time with your friends as much as possible to avoid this situation. Talk from the air, talk as much as you can, but never talk business



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