5 Common Dietary Mistakes of Men
The first thing you need to do when you go on a healthy diet journey is to learn your body, to be understanding of it and to learn how to respond to your wishes …

I know it is not easy to ensure success and not to lose motivation while dieting. But it is also a fact that some very common misconceptions can adversely affect diet success and motivation. If you’re trying to lose weight, but you don’t reach your goal exactly, maybe you’re making one or more of the diet errors;

Count Calories

When it comes to diet, ‘calorie’ comes to mind first and ’how many calories should I take? Genelde is one of the first questions. Many of my male clients who want to lose weight or pay attention to what they eat write down what they eat and calculate how many calories a day they take. There are even those who use special mobile applications for this. However, the calories you burn alone, not the calories you burn is of great importance. It is also very important to get healthy calories from where you get calories. The fact that you buy 300 calories from vegetables or chocolate cake changes a lot.

In addition, do not forget to care about the liquid calories you receive. Juice, lemonade, sugared tea or cream coffee may seem like an innocent drink, but not innocent in the calorie world. For example, when you drink 1 cup of mocha coffee with whole milk and cream, you get 300-400 calories. Adding the word “white ına to coffee and chocolate aromas means even more calories. Add 100 more calories to the white chocolate mocha, so 500 calories is almost 1 meal calorie.

Removing Carbohydrates from Life

Men’s nutrition, sports and muscle to do when the first thing comes to mind when proteins and carbohydrates know that the second place. Especially if weight loss is desired, carbohydrates are well forgotten. However, carbohydrates provide a large part of our daily energy needs, and especially if you do not get enough carbohydrates while doing sports, you may experience muscle loss. Moreover, a nutritional program in which carbohydrate is too limited is not sustainable for a long time, and when a person starts to consume nutrients, they can recover excess weight. Therefore, if you are doing sports or if you are aiming for weight loss during the day, do not forget to take good quality carbohydrates.

High Protein Nutrition

To consume muscle or lose weight, it is not the right approach to consume only protein or eat more protein. You can lose weight because initially protein foods develop a feeling of fullness. But high protein intake in the long term can cause problems in the liver and kidneys, as well as the loss of dietary fiber and constipation, as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are restricted. There may also be a lack of vitamins and minerals. In addition to these, I can regret to say that the proteins you take more than your body needs will not make you stronger or more muscular. Because our body does not use more than everything else, as well as more protein to fat will store.

Consuming Unlimited Healthy Foods

Everything except water contains calories. Although some nutrients are very beneficial to our health, remember that every calorie we take more than we need turns into fat. Organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, light products should not be confusing. Some may be beneficial to health, but that doesn’t mean you can consume it unlimitedly. Unlimited foods can include raw vegetables. As the water content of the foods increases, the calorie decreases, so fresh vegetables with high water content (such as cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes) can be consumed more freely.

Prohibiting yourself

Diet is the first prohibition and limited nutrition comes to mind; The diet actually means eating healthy, adequate and balanced. So it is not a thing to do in a certain time period but a lifestyle. Do not ban any food to yourself, but limit those that contain excess calories and promise to consume on certain days. A prohibited nutritional program is not sustainable for a long time and can increase desire and desire to consume any banned food. This can lead to much more consumption after reaching your target weight and leaving the diet mentality. However, if you do not think diet as a time period full of prohibitions and restrictions, you can lose weight by consuming everything you want, you will not get into the stress of losing weight frequently and protect your weight.


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