Being primarily an influential psychologist that we all know of, Sigmund Freud is also a neurologist, scientist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, philosopher, and writer. He struggled with the truths of human beings and existence for all his life, which is why everything he said is of great value.

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. They demand illusions, and cannot do without them. They constantly give what is unreal precedence over what is real; they are almost  as strongly influenced by what is untrue as by what is true. They have an evident tendency not to distinguish by the two.”  -Sigmund Freud

Like we all know, it would be hard to imagine if truths were not hard to accept.

Here are a couple of awful truths:

1. The goal of all life is death.

A person who is aware of this would not avoid any acts of courage. That’s why the biggest truth of all life is death

2. There are two major factors protecting human health: to love one’s job and to love one’s life.

It’s not that we are not going to live at all, just because we are going to die. If we assume that we are living already, that means we are going to die. We can love the flowers, the trees, the rain and the smell of the soil after rain. There are, of course, things to be loved in life. We should not think that the glass is half empty. Neither should we think that it is half full. We should see the glass as it is. Your job can make or break your life. And the pain of working at a job that you hate is worse than the pain of hitting your little toe! Because the pain of the latter lasts a few minutes while that of the former lasts for life.

3. Our weaknesses are our power.

The only way that our enemies take us down is by targeting our weaknesses. If a person accepts his own flaws and embraces them, there is nothing that others can use against him or her. We can make ourselves powerful by accepting that we do have our own weaknesses. Nietzsche points at  a similar truth of life when says ” Our dilemmas are our hopes.”

4. There is no such thing as love, there is only libido.

I’m not saying it. A neurologist,  psychologist, scientist, philosopher, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst  with years of experience is. I think he is telling the truth, or at least this is my observation. Or I have only met people who made this a driving principal in life.  So, maybe we can accept this as a reality of life and be less upset.

5. People are more intelligent than they can imagine and they are unimaginably immoral.

There are always two paths in life. Whichever path you chose, it is not wise to criticize someone who has taken the other one. Only a person lacking morals can do this.

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