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Home Business Is it difficult to Make a Documentary Films?

Is it difficult to Make a Documentary Films?

Although most of us have different expectations from cinema, we generally watch movies to spend a certain time in another world. Movies – even the genre of drama – are a fun journey to the fantasy world of the director, but it may not be possible to say the same for documentary cinema. Because documentaries tell us; sometimes it is on the other side of the world, sometimes next to us, but it brings a truth into our eyes in every way. It is certain that documentary cinema directors, which sometimes broaden our horizons, sometimes amaze, and sometimes indulge our hearts, do more difficult work than the directors who make films in many ways.

Everywhere is the Place for Documentary Film

Sometimes a country where hunger-killers live, sometimes a protest square blinded by tearful bombs, sometimes an operating room where human internal organs are completely exposed … In short, the director may be doing his job in a place where many of us even dream. Those who remember the Act Of Killing documentary shot in Indonesia in 2012 know, let’s recommend it to those who don’t. In this film, the director has traveled in torture places of two death gangs and spent many days with many serial killers who have forgotten how many people have been killing for years.

Making a Documentary Film Can Take Many Years

Probably the hardest thing for documentary filmmakers is to have access to evidence and documentation while going after the truth. When you say come on there is no species to do! For this, they go to many countries of the world and collect visual, written or audio documents. Sometimes they don’t even find a place to store documents. Of course, you can guess the difficulty of choosing the most accurate among such information and documents.

Speaking to Real People is important

Sometimes you have to talk to a murderer, sometimes to a pervert … It is hard to be in front of these people we shiver while watching, or you need to listen to them from the director … It is undoubtedly a real communication expert and quite calm. it seems like a must. And of course, adventurer … Looking at the efforts given in these movies, the cinema type that deserves the most respect and watching from the audience looks like these reality films.


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