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Home Business Applications for Unemployment Salary Raised in America Due to Corona Virus

Applications for Unemployment Salary Raised in America Due to Corona Virus

According to the information received from the American Labor Minister, unemployment benefits have seen the highest figure in the last 3 years. The business world was negatively affected due to the outbreak spread by the Kovid-19 virus. For this reason, citizens applied more than expected to receive unemployment benefits.

Figures Regarding Unemployment Benefits Applications

The number of people applying for unemployment for the first time in the USA continues to increase every week. U.S. unemployment benefits, which were made between the first week and the second week of March, increased by 70 thousand compared to the first week and reached 281 thousand.

The US Secretary of Labor stated that they have reached such a picture in the history of the country for the first time so far, and the number of unemployment benefits registered since September 2017 has seen 220 thousand. However, this time the number of applications made in March 2020 has increased by 22 percent compared to the last 3 years.

In the first week of March, the number of applications made to unemployment benefits was 211 thousand people. According to the statistics and analysis reports, it shows that these figures will reach 300 thousand people by the end of March.

Kovid-19 Effect in Increasing Applications

The Federal Reserve made some evaluations about the economy last February. When these evaluations were entered in March, they underwent changes and remained below the expected level. In the previous statements, while mentioning the positive developments regarding unemployment benefits, the course of the situation has completely changed.

US citizens complained that markets were stopped and layoffs due to an epidemic caused by the Kovid-19 virus. As such, the number of applicants to receive unemployment benefits increased day by day.


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